Event Schedule

Date: 6 May 2016 (Sat)

Time: 7:30pm -10:30 pm
Venue: Private Venue
Price: $250/person (two or more$240/person, Transfer before 04 May, an additional $10 discount)
Participants: 30ppl - 15M 15F

Remaining Vacancies: M: 12 / F: 12
Target: (M) 25 – 38 / (F) 20 – 32

Date: 20 May 2016 (Sat)

Time: 7:30pm -10:30 pm
Venue: Private Venue
Price: $250/person (Two or more $240/person,transfer before 18 May,an additional $10 discount)
Participants: 30ppl - 15M 15F

Remaining Vancancies: M: 15 / F: 15
Target: (M) 25 – 38 / (F) 20 – 32

27 May 2016 (Sat) Dinner with Flight Attendant

Time: 7:30pm -09:30 pm
Venue: 星級酒店西餐廳
Price:$1200 admin fee (Dinner cost excluded)
Particioants: 8ppl - 4M 4F
Remaining Vancancies: M: 4


Dating with Love360, we believe your experience is like none others. We are proud to invite you to our diversified events that set a new standard for the market.

Network Parties

where you can network and meet some new friends and feel blissed


Fine Dinning

Love360 expert strived to search for a better place for you to meet


Personal Dating

We search for those that fits you and your requirements


Speed Dating

There are many variations of this events and you may enjoy all of them


Dessert Classes

One form of speed dating which makes dating even more sweet!


Cocktail Parties

Drink and Chill out for the night with many new friends


Table For Six

We offer a variety of table for six events with different themes


Seasonal Events

There are many that is seasonal and is fun


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The quality of the events is high and the MC is intereactive. I really enjoy the Speed Dating dinner tonight.

-Mabel Wong/ Marketing Executive

I had a wonderful experience tonight in the wine tasting party! Your services is good. Thanks.

-Charles Li/ Graphic Designer

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